Project Management is our service in Providing Solutions for the handling of goods for the needs of both government and private development projects from suppliers to the project site. The solutions provided include managing documents, issuing, Bill Of Landing (BL), arranging shipping and controling goods by integrating transportation facilities such as Truck, Trailers, Ships, Aircraft, Ports, Airports and etc

In Implementation, VTP as a “Third Party Logistics Provider” can issue a Letter Of Credits (LC) for the imports of goods from abroad, regulate, and control the delivery of goods for the Project, regulate the consolidation of goods, regulate the distribution of goods and manage container transportation.

Government projects that have been and are being handled include:

  • Agency for the Study and Application of Technology, Provision of a Dock;
  • Ministry of Research and Technology, Providing Warehouse facilities for Tsunami Early Warning System / TEWS
  • Ministry of Transportation, import Locomotif, Railway, dan Spareparts;
  • Information Departement for the RRI Transmission Project;
  • Industrial Engineering, for the Construction of fertilizer factory iskandar muda dan fertilizer kaltim

While Private Projects include:

  • Marubeni Corp. – handling import dan transportations material for train operation control system;
  • Toyomenka Corp. – handling import and transportations of equipment for materials telecom phase II;
  • IHI Corp. – handling import and transportations of gentry crane (Semarang port facility project);
  • Voest Alpine Austria – handling import and transportations rail track and set wessel;
  • PT Satria Saka Perkasa – handling import dan transportasi rail;
  • Smart Corp. – handling import and distributions fertilizer;
  • Jagotrans Japan – handling import dan transportasi 72 units Electric Rail Train and etc.