Export logistics isĀ  a type of our service that provides solutions to problems in export handling or management. The solutions provided include packaging, labeling, palletizing, loading and unloading, warehousing, processing export documents and transportation from the factory/production location to export destinations, either by sea or by air.

We can serve the handling of export goods, especially the export of plantation, foresty and marine products in addition to other commodities such as shoes, garments, electronic parts, various industrial products for export purposes. As well as supervising and regulating the flow off goods and good information from suppliers to locations. (end to end supply chain solution)

In order to improve service quality, we can also provide solutions for the entire Supply Chain Management Based on Information Technology so that it becomes an integrated logistics solution.

Plantation companies, garment, toys and furniture, among others:

  • PT Perkebunan Nusantara
  • PT Perkebunan Swasta
  • Argo Pantes
  • Texmaco
  • PT Skycamping
  • PT Kukdong Int’l
  • PT Raja Busana