Company Overview


PT.Varuna Tirta Prakasya (Persero) is a combination of four Dutch legacy company engaged in the per-Veem late that N.V.Het Batavia Veem, N.V.Indische Veem, N.V.Java Veem and Verenigde Prouwenveren, hereinafter called the Fa. Veem Combinatie Tandjoeng Priok. The merger incident occurred on May 7, 1947. In the period between 1954 to 1977, Fa. Veem Combinatie Tandjoeng Priok has several times changed its name and legal form which is adjusted by Government Regulation and the Decision of the President, the last company was called P.N. VTP (Varuna Tirta Prakasya).

Based on Notarial Deed of Imas Fatimah SH 6 dated January 7, 1977, P.N. VTP changed again the form of legal entity to be a "Limited" is P.T. Varuna Tirta Prakasya (Persero). This change occurred because the company consolidated the activities of its sister veem under PT.Jakarta Lloyd shipping company, PT.PELNI, Snooze Bara and IPPA. The main reason for the merger is to the efficiency of shipping companies in the above, in addition to Veem is not a core business, but it is the core business P.T. VTP (Persero), which handles warehousing, land transport, processing of documents, unloading, and others.

Long journey for 68 years and the company's ability to make a positive contribution to the stakeholders has proven that VTP still exist and rated good company in the eyes of the relation. However, both inherent and image alone is not enough, VTP regarded as still possessing and storing tremendous potential for the development and growth of its business. VTP is expected to evolve into a company that excels in all aspects of its business. For that VTP future become a company capable of providing a more meaningful contribution on an ongoing basis.

Vission & Mission


The company became Managing Supply Chain (Supply Chain), a leading and trusted in Indonesia with the capacity of Human Resources Global competitiveness


a. Supply Chain Solutions provides a specific, value-added competitive b. Using environmentally friendly technologies and supported by the Technology Information System. c. Continues to provide added value to stakeholders. d. Constantly improve the competence of employees. e. Provide the best service to the customer.


In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company in 2010, the Company's objective is to do business in the field regarding business logistics services both nationally and internationally and optimal use of the resources of the Company to produce goods and / or services of good quality and strong competitiveness to gain / pursuit of profit in order to increasing the value of the Company by applying the principles of limited liability companies. To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the Company may carry out the main business activities as follows:
• Multimodal Transport Operator;
• Freight Forwarding;
• Logistics and Distribution;
• Rental and Management Warehousing;
• Transport of goods conductivity & package;
• Communication and Information Logistics Services;
• Logistics Consulting Services
• Handling of Import / Export
• Unloading and loading;
• Customs Clearance Services;
• Sea Transport, Land and Air for delivery of goods;
• Service Delivery and Packer's goods;
• supporting trade logistics


Culture of Company

V           =            VISIONER

                    -             Kreatif

                    -             Inovatif

                    -             Kepemimpinan yang kuat

 T            =            Taat

         -             Patuh melaksanakan ajaran Agamanya dan Aturan yang berlaku

                   -             Memiliki Integritas yang tinggi

                   -             Loyal kepada perusahaan

                   -             Bersih dari segala penyimpangan dan kecurangan

P           =            Proffesional

        -             Menyenangi Pekerjaannya dan bekerja dengan sepenuh hati.

        -             Bertindak dengan penuh etika.

        -             Memberikan Pelayanan yang terbaik

        -             Meningkatkan kompentensi secara terus menerus

        -             Merampungkan Pekerjaannya


               Etos Kerja


        VELOCITY       =            Kecepatan => V= s/t

     Cepat meraih peluang dan Cepat menyelesaikan pekerjaan;

               Time                 =            Waktu

    Memanfaatkan waktu secara efektif, sehingga Pekerjaan tuntas, tepat waktu dan tepat jumlah

               POWER            =            Daya = > P= V.I = Watt,  P=Hp

   Menggunakan seluruh kekuatan tenaga dan pikiran  serta tekun dalam bekerja dan Mengoptimalkan asset.

Organization Structure

Struktur Organisasi

Board of Commisioners

Board of Commissioners


   •     Commissioners                              :             Bambang Suryanto

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President Director                :             Yonatan Dollo Sanda

Director                                :             Eka Rastu Miftach.